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About Us

The Farley Gannett Engineering CenterGannett Fleming Valuation and Rate Consultants, LLC provides consulting services to investor-owned and publicly-owned utilities.

We represent clients in public pricing policy and related matters before regulators and in courts of law. Our people have an honest dedication to job performance. We are proud of the reputation for expert representation accorded us by word-of-mouth within the industry. Our team of engineers, accountants and analysts has a broad experience base to meet your needs. Our team is skilled in using computer-modeling techniques to customize studies and analyses. We combine the guiding traditional principles with innovative approaches to provide an understandable product that can stand the test of scrutiny. In addition, our staff provides expert testimony in formal regulatory proceedings before local, county, regional, state and federal bodies throughout North America.

Gannett Fleming Valuation and Rate Consultants, LLC is part of Gannett Fleming,┬áis a global infrastructure firm that provides planning, design, technology, and construction management services for a diverse range of markets and disciplines. With 2,000 employees, we have helped to shape infrastructure and improve communities through transportation, environmental, water, energy, and facility-related projects in more than 65 countries. The firm embraces sustainability and innovation for all activities, finding the best solutions and the most efficient processes while being responsible stewards of the environment.

Our Mission

To provide quality consulting services at exceptional value for our existing and future clients; to create a rewarding work experience and environment for our staff; and to maintain a profitable performance level for our parent company.

Learn More About These Capabilities on the Gannett Fleming website.