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Frequently Asked Questions

blue chartWhy should my utility use your consulting firm to perform our financial analysis?

  • We listen to the financial strategies and objectives of your utility and employ state of the art techniques in order to produce a profitable result that is accepted by your management and the regulatory community.
  • We know how to combine past strategies and future considerations to produce scenarios that allow you to see clearly the opportunities and choose the one needed for your desired profit levels.
  • We are nationally recognized for our proven ability to stand by our work through the development of specialized computer models and through formal regulatory testimony as expert witnesses.

Why should I have a depreciation study performed for my utility?

  • An annual depreciation study is often required by regulatory commissions to ensure that proper fixed asset accounting is maintained.
  • Proper depreciation is used to recover the investment in fixed assets over the life of the property.
  • Depreciation is a regulated aspect of the ratemaking process. Therefore, studies must be performed in accordance with the standards and procedures of the utility commissions.

Why should I use Gannett Fleming for my depreciation study?

  • Our staff uses customized depreciation software to analyze historic data and future strategies to produce results that will provide a solid defensible depreciation claim. We stand by our work through our experience providing expert testimony.